About Katrina Valente

Such Passion For Beauty, Worldwide Quest

Elegance and Grace

When you meet Katrina for the first time something special happens…the passion she has for helping others slowing overcomes you. Its like a very soft and calming blanket that slowly wraps around you. It’s a very special feeling.
Katrina has a deeply relaxing elegant and graceful style. After a short time you feel you have known Katrina for years. Her voice is calming and effortless yet all the time she effortlessly applies all of her training and experience to make the time she spends with you very special.

Ever since I was a child, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do!

Originally from Scotland with an Italian father Katrina’s lifelong passion began as a child when older cousins used to “make up” a willing Katrina and she in turn used to massage her father’s head… whilst he watched television.

Outer Beauty

After 5 years studying at the world renowned Burghly Academy of Beauty in Cambridgeshire, England Katrina established a successful beauty business. Katrina qualified in all the outer beauty therapies such as IHBC and IIHHT. Through the interaction with her clients Katrina knew there was more…a lot more to beauty and went on a journey of her own to uncover the real source of outer beauty… inner peace.

Inner Peace

Katrina’s journey took her on many more practical and increasingly spiritual courses including NLP practitioner certification, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Colour and Crystal Therapy, Kineseology, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy and Coaching to Excellence.

Katrina’s Unique Fully Integrated Approach to Facials

Facials and Anti-aging were what Katrina was most passionate about and her clients loved the resulting radiant look. With additional qualifications Katrina discovered ever more effective ways to integrate other therapies which enhanced the results even further and brought her international acclaim and recognition. Katrina’s unique integrated approach that puts her in the top “facialists” in the world

So within a facial treatment Katrina offers colour and crystal healing as well as reflexology or head massage. She takes a truly holistic approach considering the whole person and not just a part of them…the skin holds the key to a lot of other underlying emotions deep within the psyche. Katrina also uses a Biomat Crystal bed on every single client that helps to detox and re-balance them during the treatment making the way for even more outstanding results.

Everlasting Quest for the Ultimate in Beauty

A trip to Peru and the Oneness University in 2010 was another journey of self-discovery for Katrina . It helped her discover her true vocation in life.
To simply help others empower themselves and be the best they can possibly be….More than 20 years of experience and knowledge has prepared Katrina to share and teach others in the wonderful ways of the Universal Consciousness. She now runs workshops for Female Empowerment, Energy work, Crystal and Colour Therapy and Vision Boards.

The Ultimate in Facials

If you were to ask any of Katrina’s clients what makes her and her treatments So special there would be a long list but top of that list would be Katrina’s facials… being world class shines through!

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The best facial & beauty expert in the region

Katrina has the reputation of being the best facial & beauty expert in the region and for the many years I have known her as a friend and beauty expert, she continually lives up and exceeds that reputation.

Katrina walks the talk and looks the epitome of a healthy, glowing beauty professional inside out!

A session with Katrina is so much more …whether you’ve booked a facial, reflexology, colour therapy, crystal healing,  shamanic reiki or coaching you always come away knowing that you have been taken care of by someone who is dedicated to giving you a very beautiful experience.

Carol Talbot, Professional Speaker, Master Trainer, NLP Expert, Author & Fire-Starter
Matrix Training, Dubai

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