Exclusive Offers From Katrina

Kuan Yin Goddess of Compassion



Release judgements about yourself and others and focus on the love and light that is within everyone…..


Package of 3 treatments starting with the Altearah Bio Colour massage to awaken you to the possibilities of your life.  First you will choose 4 colours in perfume format to match your mood then the colours will be used in the treatment on the chakras (serums) and then the oil for the full body.  Works on the emotional as well as the physical body.

The 2nd treatment will be a facial for your skin type using a mix of organic and clinical products to enhance the inner glow outward.

Then bringing it all together with the final treatment of Shamanic Healing leaving you balanced, calm and at peace with your life.


COST: 1200dhs

Maeve Goddess Of Cycles And Rhythms

Honour the cycles and rhythms of your body, energy levels and emotions


Starting this course of 3 with the Raindrop Massage, this deep healing is offered using 9 essential oils neat on the spine. 30mins on the back and 30mins on the feet. It takes you to a different dimension working fully on the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Next is a Shamanic Healing that will further integrate your experience of the Raindrop massage.

And the ending will be left to you …..given the choice of another Raindrop massage or a facial using essential oils to calm, soothe and regenerate from the inside out.  The glow is more than visible!


COST: 1250dhs

Isis Goddess Of Past Lives


ISIS helps us release past life issues this is where we will find our true beauty…..


This is a package of 3 facials using the Altearah Bio range of perfumes, oils and serums that not only leaves your skin looking firmer and more refined but takes you on a journey of self discovery which starts to unfold from the very first treatment, deeply, gently awakening your sense of who you truly are…  The first facial is Oxygenating, the 2nd is cleansing and the 3rd Hydrating.  Each facial begins with an Emerald Back Massage (Using the Emerald Oil on the back helps us deal with past issues so we can be more in our power and stand up for who we truly are.) These treatments offer you inner healing  to allow your outer beauty to shine through as 2 specific serums are used per facial.  Truly awakening the senses.


COST: 1450dhs