Katrina is very careful about the products she selects to use.

Every one of the products she selects has been personally hand-picked from the best products available worldwide, thoroughly tested, on herself first and then, and only then, will she approve them for your skin.

So you can be sure that Katrina is confident in the efficacy of the products she applies to your skin. Because of this care Katrina builds up a loyal following of clients, clients who can afford to pick and choose the therapist they entrust the care of their skin to.

One piece of advice Katrina gives is always buy your products from a therapist rather than retail…the reason is simple. Legally retail products have lower levels of active ingredients than those sold by therapists, which means you and your skin will feel and appreciate the difference that others will see immediately.

These carefully selected products work to change the structure of the skin over the long term as they act at a cellular level.

With the world to choose from Katrina recommends…

With the whole world of Beauty products to choose from the products Katrina recommends come from far and wide, including Spain, Hungary and China Products like:

  • Altearah Bio,  Chosen for its purity and efficacy
  • La Phtyo, (from France) Working with the Chinese methodology of Meridian Lines
  • Germaine de Cappucini,  (from Spain) chosen for its outstanding collagen mask
  • Nimue Clinical, picked for its “client friendly” peeling systems, optimal concentrations of pharmaceutical grade nutrients to actively improve skin health and appearance.
  • Environ, (from South Africa) in Katrina’s product range due to the high percentage of active of ingredients that “turn the skins around” dealing with pigmentation, acne and anti-aging problems.
  • Eminence Organics, (from Hungary) chosen for its pure organic quality from the world leaders in organic skincare
  • Image Clinical Organic, selected for its quick regeneration quality
  • Intraceuticals Oxygen Therapy, a celebrity endorsed oxygen therapy chosen by those that quite frankly can afford any treatment they choose. Katrina favours it for its regeneration, anti -aging and cellular renewal performance… outstanding results.

Chosen by Katrina, selected specially for you

You would expect one of the world’s top “facialists” to choose products very carefully for her own skin. Katrina uses all her 20 years experience, skill and knowledge to ensure she chooses the “right” product for you at the particular time you meet.

Katrina Valente Products
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