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A Consultation With Katrina

According to a leading women’s magazine Katrina Valente is one of the world’s top “facialists”

But to her increasingly exclusive client list Katrina delivers much more!

You see Katrina works on their inner peace to help radiate their outer beauty. Her healing hands passion and over twenty years of skin expertise and training have earned her a dedicated following among women, and some men, who quite simply want more than just beautiful skin.

Katrina’s skilfully and uniquely blends her signature facial and body massage technique with colour therapy and crystals for a holistic approach to beauty care.

But it can go even deeper. over the past twenty years of personal development has led to Katrina realising a special gift of helping people in their relationships.

What makes a consultation with Katrina so special?

Well Katrina’s passion for learning about health and beauty means that she treat’s every client as an individual, but it goes even deeper than that. As we take you through a typical consultation you will begin to realise that Katrina treats her clients as individuals, at the exact moment of time, in short she works with her clients “in the now”.

With Katrina it is not just same client same “procedure”. No, Katrina’s approach is very different and as you read the numerous glowing testimonies from her many clients you will begin to realise that Katrina will work on your, mind, body and spirit in the exact “state” she intuitively feels you to be in.

The result?  Total radiance and a wonderful sense of wellbeing.

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I always say, look at me, tell me what I need, and she can "see" it

Me and my wife met Katrina 11 years ago. Ewa wanted facials and I wanted someone to fix my pain in my back, shoulders, hips or really anywhere my stressed body needed some relief. We love Katrina and have to come to learn more about her spiritual side where she has great powers.

I always say, look at me, tell me what I need, and she can "see" it. We love her and everyone we have recommended her to has been very happy.

I want the world that surrounds me to be happy, hip, happening and accepting. Katrina helps me with that.

Love, Peace and a great massages.

Thomas Lundgren, founder and CEO (Creative Emotional Originator)