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Guest Therapist at World Class Spa’s


As the owner of a Spa chain you will already be offering your clients therapies delivered to a very high standard.

Your regular therapists will be working as team and already be delivering therapies but you will also be looking to offer your clients something extra something special beyond your normal therapies.

This is where guest therapists come in…

So What Makes a Great Guest Therapist?

To provide variety to you clients you will probably invite guest therapists that can offer more.

What will you looking for in your guest therapists?  Probably one that…

  • Can offer therapies that you don’t offer as standard (the more the better)
  • Is highly rated perhaps even considered as world class
  • Has a record of generating a high level of bookings
  • Has the highest  level of customer feedback
  • Will fit into your current team and not a prima donna
  • One that comes highly recommended by other world class spa’s

Getting a highly recommended, guest therapist that can offer a number of additional therapies to your clients, that is world class and has outstanding customer feedback that will fit in with your team.  Katrina Valente is such a therapist.

Katrina Valente as Your Next Guest Therapist

Katrina matches treatments to suit the individual’s needs, to get a truly unique and life transforming result. She offers

  • A range of nine  specialist therapies  including Shamanic Reiki, Colour Therapy and Eminence Organic Facial
  • Was rated in a recent edition of Harpers Baazar’s magazine at one of the top 4 therapists in the world
  • Comes highly recommended by Six Senses Spa’s …
  • The highest level of client feedback…100% satisfaction
  • An almost unique ability to fit effortlessly and with grace into any team
  • A proven track record of regularly delivering the highest booking rates of guest therapists

If you would like to book Katrina then please complete the contact form, send her an email or give her office a call.

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...guest comments are always "excellent"...

Katrina offers specialized services to our guests and creates unique guest journeys with her expertise.

Her guest comments are always "excellent" and the guests keep coming back to her.

Katrina's services are different from my spa menu as they are going in deeper in to holistic wellness, with services such as Shamanic Reiki, Rain Drop massage etc . she really does create a unique memorable  guest journey.

Katrina is a fun, easy going loving  person. She is professional, dealing with guest and an expert in holistic wellness as well as a leading facialist.

I love having Katrina as part of my team, she brings in an extra sparkle to my team.

Karina is a fantastic facialist and wellness practitioner. I enjoy treatments with Katrina regularly.

As a manager in a busy operation my skin tends to get blocked and dehydrated. The results after Katrina's facials are amazing.

I have the greatest trust in Katrina's knowledge when it comes to skin care, home care recommendation and wellness therapies.  

Carolina, SPA Manager
Six Senses Destination Spa, Oman
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