Altearah Bio Colour Therapy

Altearah Bio Colour Therapy


The Power of Colour

We live our life in colour we decorate our homes with colour, we dress in our favourite colours, we choose our cars of a certain colour, and the list goes on…but there is a hidden energy  of colour in each of us that goes much deeper . Colour therapy harnesses this inner energy. Katrina Valente helps her clients benefit from this energy.

Quantum Medicine – Our Genetic Makeup

Quantum medicine and its energetic application of colour are based on identity codes in the way that colour is written into the physical aspects of being. The human body can therefore be “read” as chromatic frequencies, or colour wavelengths. Colour Therapy taps into this colour “signature” that everyone emits.

Our Natural Balance and Imbalance of Colours

Our genetic makeup gives us an inborn coding system (with colours in place) which bestows us with certain talents or difficulties.  Obviously we find it easy to exploit our natural aptitudes.  They are often the reason for our choice of career.

The imbalances represent that part of us which is the hardest to come to terms with, yet their existence is the best means of personal development we can have.

Depending on our codes, our bodies contain all the colours in differing degrees of intensity.  The human body is a huge field of resonance for these frequencies.

In other words every single one of our cells vibrates at a frequency rate. What is more every organ vibrates at a different frequency e.g. the liver vibrates at a different frequency to the brain.

Katrina and Altearah Bio Colour Therapy

When applying colour therapy Katrina uses perfumes ( 100% organic aromatherapy mixes) that relate to each chakra of the body which in turn relate to an organ of the body.

These help Katrina to change the client’s mood from negative to positive, almost instantly!

Our Choice of Perfume and why it really resonates with us.

The earliest recipes for perfume were in the form of fragrant oils used in Egypt, dating back to about five thousand BC.  These perfumes were used to induce changes in states of awareness or as ingredients for healthcare.  They were held as sacred, sources of knowledge and power in the hands of priests.

Egyptian temples had a room of perfumes where they were kept and brought out every morning to anoint statues of the Gods.  They were used in the mummification process to prepare bodies for their passage into the Realm of the Dead.

Later in the 16th century perfumes became widespread social factor, representative of fashion and beauty.  And thus perfumes lost its therapeutic purpose.

We always take great care when applying perfumes, it defines us, it becomes so important that we find it hard to change it for month’s maybe even years…Why?

From a vibratory and therapeutic point of view, we may realise that we instinctively use the fragrance of a perfume to detect the substance closest to our physiological needs to make us feel good.  In the course of our lives, we may change our choice of perfume.

We do this usually in a time of profound vibratory change. Our body natural knows what is needed!

Katrina’s expert use of Altearah Bio Colour Therapy can help your natural body find what it needs

Colour Therapy and the Chakras

The Chakras are energy portals that run down the centre line of the body, and each one has a colour and is related to an organ and a thought form.  Colour therapy works on these points to help you understand how you are feeling in that moment and to eliminate the negative thought form almost instantly!

It helps to highlight what organs and colours you need to focus on to help move you forward in life.

The Seven Chakras, Their Colour and Related Organ

Crown Chakra: is Purple/Violet and relates to the Higher Self….Related Organ – Brain.

Third Eye Chakra is Indigo Blue and relates to intuition….Related Organ – Brain and Head.

Throat Chakra is Blue and relates to expression of self….Related Organ Throat, Vocal Chords and Larynx.

Heart Chakra is Emerald Green and also Pink which relates to love….Related Organ Heart and Lungs.

Solar Plexus Chakra is Yellow and relates to the emotions….Related Organ Gall Bladder, Stomach, Intestines and Skin.

Naval Chakra is Orange and relates to the feminine gut instinct….Related Organ Intestines, Genital Organs, Kidneys and skin.

Root Chakra is Red and relates to the material side of life, security….Related Organ Venous System.

Procedure of Altearah Bio Colour Therapy

1.            Client chooses 4 colours one colour at a time.

a.           The first relates to the mood you are in at the present time,

b.            The second colour you chose relates to the chakra which is closed,

c.             The third colour chosen is the one that will make you feel better,

d.            The fourth and final one is where you are heading to in the not so distant future.

The client inhales the organic perfume of the colour; the smell gets into the biochemical rhythm of the brain altering state almost immediately.

4. Treatment of massage or reflexology is carried out using colours the client chose.

This treatment is extremely balancing and relaxing and gives the client a realisation of what needs to be worked upon.  All colours chosen are explained in detail as to their meaning.

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