Beyond a World Class Facial

When you think of having a facial what results are you expecting?

Is it to:

  • Look years younger?
  • Minimise the lines?
  • Reintroduce the level of firmness of skin that used to be there naturally?
  • Achieve a healthy looking glow or radiance?

Katrina Valente’s signature facials have for over 15 years been consistently delivering all of the above…but there is more.

Katrina is a world class facialist as a world renowned magazine reported.  Here is why. Katrina blends her very own mix of Facial, Colour and Crystal therapies to help her clients achieve inner peace to radiate their inner beauty.  She harnesses and enhances the clients own energy to deliver outstanding results. And it all starts with …

What’s your intention?

A consultation with Katrina begins with her putting you in control and using your own energy to help you. Each session she asks  ”What do you want from this session?…what ‘s your intention?”  You can tell from depth of the question this will be no ordinary facial.

From this intention Katrina will apply her talent, and as you can read from what other say about her you will no doubt agree with them she has an unquestionable talent, a gift you might say.  Over the past 15 or so years Katrina has honed her intuitive skills with several spiritual journeys of her own ,

and if you are lucky enough to be able to book her you will come to understand that there is someone special in front of you who is very knowledgeable,  gifted and there for you.

Discovering what blend of treatments are right for you, right now?

Katrina has ability to look at someone’s skin and has a strong feeling about the exact combination of treatments will be right for you. But, she doesn’t just jump in with a solution.

Colour Therapy- which colours are right for you, in the now!

The next stage is the Katrina’s process is to ask you to without thinking select 4 from a “fan” of 14 colours. As Katrina continues to explain what each of the colour you have chosen means to you at this moment in time.  Each colour your subconscious chose and the order you chose them in reveals to Katrina exactly what you need to do.

The colours you see have en selected by your all-knowing subconscious reveal, your current, state, what is “blocking you” and what you can do to free yourself and to move forward.

Katrina uses this knowledge to select just the right essential oils for you in this moment.

The oils Katrina uses are from Altearah Bio and emphasising Katrina’s acknowledged expertise in the use of these oils, Katrina is one of Altearah Bio’s top trainers.

The Correct Facial for You?

The choice will be determined by what Katrina she sees, feels and is guided to choose by what she sees in your skin. Both the facials are 100% natural with no adverse reactions.

  • Time Facial Expert Germaine De Sapuccini which  plumps the skin, diminishes lines and hydrates the skin using Botox
  • Intraceuticals Hyperbaric Pressurised Oxygen Therapy has been endorsed by many well-known celebrities and uses purified oxygen to the skin in plumps, firms and hydrates the skin

The Katrina facial experience also includes crystal therapy.

Crystal Therapy

For local clients and by special request Katrina’s uses a Biomat crystal bed of gentle warmed rose quartz crystals. The clients lay on this bed during the facial. Where the use of the Biomat bed is now possible Katrina will uses individual  heart shaped rose crystals carefully selected for the beneficial effect they have on the clients wellbeing. Why heart shaped Rose crystals? There is a good reason for everything Katrina includes in the session…even the shape of the crystals.

Head or Foot Massage

Whilst the Facial mask is on the world class “facial” experience continues with either a foot or back massage for around 30 minutes.

The Result

Clients are so relaxed and calm at the end of the “facial” that they all wish to stay and extend the feeling.  Although the facial lasts a little over one hour. The effects last much longer. A single facial with Katrina will result in radiant skin but it is also the start of something special. For maximum benefit and to change your skin at a cellular level Katrina advises a course of at least six sessions.

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The best facial & beauty expert in the region

Katrina has the reputation of being the best facial & beauty expert in the region and for the many years I have known her as a friend and beauty expert, she continually lives up and exceeds that reputation.

Katrina walks the talk and looks the epitome of a healthy, glowing beauty professional inside out!

A session with Katrina is so much more …whether you’ve booked a facial, reflexology, colour therapy, crystal healing,  shamanic reiki or coaching you always come away knowing that you have been taken care of by someone who is dedicated to giving you a very beautiful experience.

Carol Talbot, Professional Speaker, Master Trainer, NLP Expert, Author & Fire-Starter
Matrix Training, Dubai

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