NLP Time Line Therapy

NLP Time Line Therapy

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Is a set of ideas that can help you understand how people think, and how you can influence them to think differently.

It’s based on the notion that all thoughts and all behaviours have a structure, and all structures can be ‘modelled’ and ‘re-programmed’.

The implications of this simple idea are staggering.

The big claims in NLP are:

  • “if one person can do something, anyone can do it” and
  • “if something in your life isn’t working, you can change and do something different instead”

NLP is used by millions of people worldwide, including the leaders of many companies and even countries. From military generals to teachers, stockbrokers to nurses NLP is being applied by all kinds of people for all kinds of reasons. Even NASA has applies NLP as part of its space program

NLP and Time Line Therapists

Time Line Therapy utilizes a person’s own internal “Time Line” to work with their unconscious minds in a variety of ways; including, healing emotional traumas and eradicating unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviours

How Did NLP begin?

NLP began in the early 1970s when Richard Bandler (a mathematician) and John Grinder (a linguistics professor) began building models of how some very effective communicators were habitually using language to influence other people. The modelling process they developed became the foundation of the new field of NLP, and their early “meta model” became its cornerstone.

Other NLP techniques have been developed by modelling how people feel good and respond well to different situations, how people are confident, charismatic, motivated, and more. Almost all positive behaviours and attitudes have been modelled, either by Bandler or Grinder themselves or by one of the many developers who have taken NLP forward over the last 35 years.

Recent Applications of NLP

Paul McKenna became the UK’s bestselling non-fiction author of all time recently by selling more than three million books that teach people the most popular NLP techniques

Paul McKenna’s books help people to lose weight (based on the way naturally thin people eat and think about food), have more money (based on the way several millionaires including Richard Branson think about money), and live happy lives overall (based on applying many of the different NLP techniques).

Programming Your Mind for Success.

Another way of using a model is to ’re-program’ how you think. If we go back to the example of modelling a successful businesswoman, let’s now pretend the business woman is very good at many aspects of business but he isn’t too good when it comes to (say) delegating.

In that case, we could model how specifically she isn’t good at delegating (i.e. what does she do inside her mind and inside her body that leads her to do the behaviours and thought processes that aren’t working well for her?).

Then we could make changes to – or ‘re-program’ – how she handles delegation, to keep all the good bits and improve all the bits she wants to improve.

What Makes Katrina Special?

Imagine a beauty therapist that was trained and skilled at NLP and was able to use this to help clients in a truly holistic way. There is no need to imagine, Katrina Valente offers such a holistic approach.

Katrina is a qualified NLP practitioner (A.B.N.L.P.) and Hypnotherapist. She utilises Time Line Therapy, NLP and Hypnotherapy when needed in her own life and with her clients.

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