Wellness Inside and Out

Katrina's experience has taken her on an inner journey to discover who she truly is. Now, she wants to share her knowledge and passion for helping others to build a life of health, vibrancy and beauty inside and out!



Katrina Valente has been in the beauty industry for the past 25 years as a leading International Holistic Wellness/Anti-aging Expert. She has been accredited as one of the Worlds Top Facialists and is the Ambassador for the Organic brand Altearah Bio Colour therapy products who she has supported for over 20 years as she works with them in her therapies. Katrina is unique in the way that she looks at the whole Mind, Body, Spirit of a person and uses her skills of skin analysis, anti-aging facials, NLP, Coaching, Emotional Healing, Crystal Healing, Colour Therapy and Reflexology to help her clients find their balance.
She helps her clients to know more about who they are and how they can achieve Inner Peace: Outer Beauty by understanding that anti-aging isn't just one thing but an integration of many different things into your daily life. 
She is also a contributor for the online magazine BRAINZ.

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I am Love... I am Acceptance... I am Truth and I am beautiful Inside and Out

Katrina Valente



 The Journey Back to Self-Love

When you look in the Mirror do you know, accept and love the person looking back at you? This is the key to finding your true self (and true love). We all wear masks of sorts. However, when we learn how to accept and truly love ourselves; that’s when we begin to attract the right people into our lives, the right career and the right financial rewards making us feel completely fulfilled. Self-worth and understanding what you truly deserve and owning it will bring it right into your reality. Complete the online assessment form, and get on a complimentary Discovery Call with me.

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Be Your Best Self

Wellness is really an inside job. What we eat, how we exercise, meditation, what products we use on our skin and body, the people we hang out with all determine our overall wellness and overall look!
Just by looking at someone you can determine how healthy they are...or not. I will take you through a step by step program to really help you re-evaluate your life on all levels to be your best self regardless of age.


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Beautiful skin is an inside job first and foremost. Food is very important so I will be teaching you what are the best foods for the skin and anti-aging.  Also products are of paramount importance what you use on a daily basis greatly impacts the quality of your skin as you age. Our skin is a living organ so it must be treated as such where regeneration happens moment to moment. There are certain ingredients that really help reverse the ageing process. And the good news is that there is no age limit on what can be done to improve anyones skin, no matter what age, race or skintype they are. Lastly what truly gives that outer glow is the peace that is found from within...emotional wellness is very important to ones overall look.

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Hands on Therapy

Physical therapy's are a big part of that feel good factor and can truly be the finishing touch to internal correction. So facials are super important to give the extra support to help your skin be in peak condition, using not only grade A skincare products but working with crystals to re-balance the energetic field and also reflexology to re-align the meridiens of the body.. Katrina Valente, Holistic Transformation & Wellbeing Expert, offers full spectrum hands on anti-aging facials with homecare support with a choice of professional retail products.
Furthermore a very special re-alignment massage is offered using organic essential oils to bring the body back into total balance. After the hands on therapy true Inner Peace Outer Beauty is acheived as she works from the inside out. The results are visible for all to see.


Upcoming Events

  • Online Meditation: Setting Intentions
    Time is TBD
    Moon Meditations with Katrina Valente
    Time is TBD
    Moon Meditations with Katrina Valente
    Join us for meditations to inspire you and define your intentions for what you wish you create. Meditation led by Katrina Valente, online.
  • Online workshop: Unbox Your 2020 Vision
    Time is TBD
    Email me for details
    Time is TBD
    Email me for details
    Joint online workshop by Katrina Valente & Sahar Palmer. Identify and learn how to #Unbox your true goals and manifest your desires. Workshops includes meditations, exercises, colour therapy & angel cards.
  • Complimentary Online Discovery Session
    Time is TBD
    Free Mirror Discovery Session
    Time is TBD
    Free Mirror Discovery Session
    Thinking about investing in yourself? Don't Miss Out on FREE Discovery session. This is for clients coaching packages: How to truly connect with your inner peace, let your beuaty show from the inside out. To take advantage of online coaching by Katrina valente, please complete online assessment form