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Katrina Valente is one of Dubai's top facialists with over 20 years experience in the field of beauty, anti-aging, fitness & wellness; as a practitioner, therapist, speaker and world wide professional trainer. Katrina talks the talk AND walks the walk. She has been named by a leading international women's magazine, as one of the top 4 leading facialists in the WORLD. www.katrinavalente.com

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My Passion. My Mission.

Inner Peace. Outer Beauty.

I have a passion for learning about health & beauty. To me, the needs of every client are unique; and this view has spurned me to learn even more. After 5 years studying at the world renowned Burghly Academy of Beauty in Cambridgeshire, England, establishing a successful beauty business worldwide, and qualifying in all the outer beauty therapies, such as IHBC and IIHHT; my interaction with clients lead to my belief that there was more to beauty. A lot more. So, I went on a journey of my own to uncover real source of outer beauty. My journey included NLP practitioner certification, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Colour and Crystal Therapy, Kineseology, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy and Coaching to Excellence. The answer is Inner Peace! And that’s why I have developed my own unique, fully integrated holistic approach to beauty, wellness & fitness while effectively combating the aging process!

I am passionate about facials and anti-aging and consider the whole person and not just a part of them. The skin holds the key to a lot of other underlying emotions deep within the psyche; and that's why beauty is beyond skin deep. Whether through Relationship issues, or stressful time, I compliment my therapy with Relationship Coaching, as well as facials and body care. The aim is always to balance the whole peron.

My therapies are tailor-made; that’s why I also skilfully and uniquely blend my signature facial and body massage technique with Colour Therapy,  reflexology, or Biomat Crystal bed, head massage or Miracle Method; to help you detox and re-balance. I also use only top quality natural/organic products and my own home made blends. I’ll know what you need and what suits you best when I meet you - hopefully soon!


What my clients say


Megan & Jim; New York, USA.

I have been suffering from peculiar health issues for the past year. As a 31 year old healthy woman, I couldn't understand why I was getting a variety of symptoms I'd never experienced before. One in particular was of great concern. I was experiencing a loud heavy pulsing in my ear. After brain scans, MRI's and hearing tests, I was told to get different opinions as no doctor could seem to figure out what was causing this. For my husband’s birthday, I planned a trip to the Maldives for us with no prior knowledge of Katrina's visit there. After reading about her in the spa brochure at the hotel, I scheduled a session as I was very compelled by her practices and practices alike. The purposes of my session was not to go over health issues or express concern regarding them, I was looking for more of spiritual cleanse and to gain perspective on my life. During our first session, she expressed that there were issues in my stress chart which lead her to my health. I hadn't informed her of any ailments so she found it strange. In the days that followed I noticed I wasn't experiencing the loud, disorienting pulse in my right ear. I told my husband I hadn't had it in three days...the day it stopped was the first day I saw Katrina. I was not able to even bend over and stand back up without becoming completely dizzy and feel like someone had bass on full blast in my ear. Just days after my session with Katrina, I was doing anti-gravity yoga and working out again after 4 months of being idle as the discomfort was not worth it for me. I was actually hanging UPSIDE DOWN with ZERO ear-pulsing as a side effect. This is extraordinary to me and there is no other word that I can think of that describes how I feel towards Katrina- gratitude. Pure and true deep gratitude. I am certain she will be a great influence and teacher throughout my life. She doesn't sell you dreams, or promise you change, she is simple and she is direct and lets her practice speak for itself. Thank you, Katrina. You have been a great blessing to me and for this; you are in my heart and in my prayers forever.

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