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Katrina V


Katrina Valente


Katrina is passionate about helping you discover your true potential, from the inside out. Her unique method combines working with your mind, body and soul and she will inspire you into a glamorous life! With her coaching, she guides you and gives you the tools you need to discover the best version of yourself. She will glamorise your dating life, relationship life, sex life, work life and so much more.


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"Katrina is my guiding star. She channels the universe for me and shows me direction when I'm lost. When the mind is fearful and my heart is lost in a sea of chaos, Katrina comes with her powerful connection to the universe and course corrects. Sometimes fear makes one faithful. With Katrina you know it's a way of being. Faith and healing are intertwined. 


"Katrina you opened my eyes and helped me understand myself when nothing made sense! Having worked with you opened my eyes, it was a journey. You motivated me to be a better version of myself and there is an optimism about you a positive aura where after each session I just feel better! You are honest and helped me achieve my best version!"


"Katrina.. I really needed a boost in my life. I got it from you. Your "Hundred Drops" massages took away my pain the aromatic perfume soothed my mind and our conversations opened my head and eyes couldn't get a better gift from life for this time. I am very grateful that our paths crossed. You are a beautiful person. Thank you for everything you give me" 
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