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What is a holistic facial?

A Holistic Facial is a hands-on treatment where I work with energy as well as professional products. My approach is integrative, which means I treat the whole person, not just the skin, as I truly believe that beauty is more than skin deep. I use products such as crystals, essential oils, organic perfume, in the treatments and head massage, reflexology and colour therapy. I also create my own blends to help my client achieve their specific goals for their skin. for specific; and sometimes I use my own creation of holistic blends - my unique blend of products and teqniques to create bespoke treatments that can help you find your inner peace and radiate your outer beauty.

How do I know which facial to choose from?

I really have to analyse your skin first. When we meet, and I see face-to-face, I am able to make such decisions and advise you best as to what you need at present. You may know what you think you want but the analysis may point to a different solution that your skin needs at this point in time. My goal is to help you achieve the best possible tangible results for you in the shortest space of time. Also, my treatments compliment each other, you will find that each is beneficial and works ona  different level. WWhen we meet, I will know which facial is your starting point.

Which Katrina Valente treatment is right for me?

During your intial consultation, we will find out what you want to achieve (balance, detox, de-stress, ani-aging, etc.) and what you expect from the session; then the appropriate therapy will be selected or possibly a course of  treatments for long term end results. I usually start with Colour Therapy and this will help me to assess your needs. The aim is to treat the all aspects of my client, not just the skin, but also address any underlying issues. Each treatment is beneficial and a course of treatment will have a positive accumulative effect for long term results.

What is reflexology?

It is an age-old treatment for the feet that can also positively affect all parts of the body and organs to detoxify and rebalance. The soles of the feet are like a map of your body and the nerve endings of every organ end in the feet; so by massaging the feet in a specific way you are treating the whole body.
Reflexology helps greatly with insomnia, headaches, hormonal imbalances, convalescence, PMT and many more ailments. An extremely relaxing therapy that helps to realign the meridians of the body, thus promoting balance from within. I normally combine reflexology with the facila treatment as my appraoch is an integrative one - treating the whole person.

What is the best way to get rid of wrinkles?

Hydration is the key! If a skin is properly hydrated there are few wrinkles on the face. Products are also very important. What you do on a daily basis makes a huge difference long term. So, use products you can buy from a professional salon or clinic, and be sure to get a proper analysis from your therapist before purchasing creams.

Serums are also very important in the ageing process to be used under your day and night creams. ASk me about supplements, and healthy diet and anti-aging foods. I can inspire with few choices to support your skin.

What is the best skin care product for me?

The best thing is to ask your therapist's opinion. This is much better than going to a department store as they are mostly interested making a sale, rather than the end result for a client. Here's an interesting fact: anything you can buy over the counter, whether it is La Prairie, Clarins, Clinique, or Estee Lauder; will only have a 2 layer penetration. It’s a government requirement for consumer use.  So no matter what ingredients it says it has, it will be a low percentage, which will give you a maximum of a week difference and then the skin will plateau. The percentage of active ingredients in a product, is what's important, and is what's going to help regenerate your skin. This, you will only find this in a professional salon or clinic which by the way, are usually less expensive than your department store brands.

How often should I change my products?

You should change your skin care products at least 4 times per year. When you use the same line for a long period of time they stop working for you because the skin gets used to it. When you change your products, the skin has to start working in a slightly different way and starts regenerating. Remember, it is best to always use the same product line from cleanser to moisturiser etc., whenever you change. I tend to favour natural, or organic products; I also make my own blends and heavenly scrubs which will be available on my store soon.

What can I do to stop the aging process?

Ageing isn't about one thing, it’s related to many factors such as diet, lifestyle, exercise, products, vitamin supplements, and detoxing regularly etc. You have to take care of yourself from the inside out. It’s respecting what you were “given” you and nourishing it accordingly. Food plays a major role in the ageing process as does exercise and the products we use on our skin. If you have further questions, ASK THE EXPERT.    

What home care products do you support your therapies with?

Each product I use, has been personally hand-picked from the best products available worldwide, thoroughly tested on myself. The following carefully selected products work to change the structure of the skin over the long term as they act at a cellular level:

  • Altearah Bio,  Chosen for its purity and efficacy

  • La Phtyo, (from France) Working with the Chinese methodology of Meridian Lines

  • Germaine de Cappucini,  (from Spain) chosen for its outstanding collagen mask

  • Nimue Clinical, picked for its “client friendly” peeling systems, optimal concentrations of pharmaceutical grade nutrients to actively improve skin health and appearance.

  • Environ, (from South Africa) in Katrina’s product range due to the high percentage of active of ingredients that “turn the skins around” dealing with pigmentation, acne and anti-aging problems.

  • Eminence Organics, (from Hungary) chosen for its pure organic quality from the world leaders in organic skincare

  • Image Clinical Organic, selected for its quick regeneration quality.

Are there any benefits for first-time customers?

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