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Love Yourself First

Love yourself first is such a cliche. Or is it? We have heard it a million times before. But how can we be loved by another if we cannot truly love ourselves? You will only be loved as much as you love and respect yourself.

It is a huge topic that most do not understand fully. It took me years to truly get what this statement meant. It was only through experience of not loving myself and allowing others to treat me badly that I began to get it...finally!

Let me explain....When you do not love yourself you allow others to treat you less than you deserve, you become a 'yes' kinda woman and just take crumbs from others, especially in romantic relationships. It stems from self worth issues, and sadly most of us suffer from this on one level or another.

We are in the movement of female empowerment (however much I hate this term) but woman are becoming much more aware of their power and how to use it.

Boundaries: Do you know where yours are? Nope...again most of us do not have clear boundaries of what we are willing to accept and not accept. People will treat you how you allow them to...remember this!

To love oneself is to respect yourself, to take quality time out to love and nurture you and to know when to say NO without explanation.

This is where I can help you with coaching you back to your true authentic self.

-Learn what really drives you

-Learn who you truly are

-learn how to set clear boundaries

-Learn how to rise into your true Power

-Learn how to manifest what you want

-Learn how to totally and utterly fall in love with you again

Once you do this .... well ...the rest is your life unfold in ways you could'nt even imagine.

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