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Energy Medicine: Healing & Soul

So happy to announce I will be part of a book showcasing healers around the world and their journey and story of how they got into this beautiful profession of helping others.

I have grown and evolved since I started my basic beauty school training some 25yrs ago and went onto Holistic therapies. Aromatherapy massage, reflexology, crystal healing, colour therapy, NLP, hypnotherapy, kinesiology, Reiki and coaching.

I always had an appetite for delving into the human need for love and soulmate relationships. It took me down a path of self discovery to try and figure out why I could never attain such a connection.

The last 10 years I have been on so many courses, in India, Peru, Egypt...healing journeys into the very depths of my being, to try and understand myself, the dynamic of the family unit and of course where it all begins: parents. It always intrigued me to learn about psychology and how human behaviour works. Why we do the things we do and how our triggers work etc. It’s a never ending journey of self discovery.

I have been very fortunate to travel the world as an International Holistic Anti-aging Expert, received the accolade of Dubais Top Facialist and one of the world's top to make it into an article on your blog yeah I’m so happy that an answer this is for the purpose and I’m so happy to know that I’m part of a box of kissing the world WhatsApp and worked with Six Senses, Anantara and Aman Resorts...the best in the world.

Through certain experiences I went through 5yrs ago it taught me what true self worth really is, what the Divine Feminine power is and how to stop settling for 2nd best. How to speak up for myself. What true self empowerment really is.

4yrs ago I learned a modality called B&C Miracle Method. A clearing modality that works on various different energy fields of the body to clear blocks that are preventing you from moving forward. It's energy work so can be done online very successfully. This has taken me into much more coaching work predominantly on relationships. This is the centre of our lives...without relationship what do we have?? Nothing.


So my chapter in the book will be my story of how I got to today and the hard arduous long journey it took to get to where I am now. Through hard work, perseverance, knock backs, loss and faith we can accomplish whatever our heart want no I mean if we can swap tonight see you when you work on the desktop because it is big that should be an article on your blog for example

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