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Inner Peace Outer Beauty

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

This has always been my moto...And I will tell you why.

True beauty comes from within. How many times have you met a physically beautiful person but as you get to know them they soon lose their beauty if they do not have a personality to match.

To cultivate inner peace you must do the inner work, there is no way around it. When we have the courage to look within and deal with our Shadow then we free ourselves into the life we are truly meant to live. Ignore it and the same patterns will keep repeating themselves until you cant take it anymore and the only way is to delve in and face it head on.

The same person will keep showing up in a different body with the same issues for YOU to deal with and each time you dont take notice, the next will get more accute and more accute until you finally do wake up. How do I know this? It happened to me!! It got so painful before I finally 'got it".

Inner Peace

-Deal with your emotions

-Work with a coach/Healer


-Spend time in nature


-Go out with fun people

-Spend time with those who inspire you

-Stay in the now moment

-Listen to Binaural Beat music before you sleep

-Put down your mobile

-Do things you love


To look good on the outside you must take care of your physical self, although when you have inner peace it shines through. Have you noticed how true healers have that youthful glow? It is because they have found inner peace through working with themselves on a deeper level. Outer beauty is acquired through beauty treatments, using physical products, going for beauty treatments, eating healthy food, going plant based, even if you replace one meal per day with a vegan/vegetarian meal. Drink vegetable juices, they are packed full of vitamins and enzymes. Take care of your physical body its the only one you will ever have in this life anyway....

Outer Beauty



-Buy good skincare to use at home

-Take salt baths

-Get some sun

-Take vitamins

-eat live plant based foods

-Treat yourself once per week

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