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Plastic Surgery: Yes or No?

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Can Cosmetic Surgery really make me happy? In a world of over-obsessed people who chase after the youth drug, is cosmetic surgery truly the answer? Where do we draw the line…and what do we do when a “Spiritual woman like you or me decides that perhaps they would like to have something done!…should we love ourselves just the way we are because that's what Spirituality teaches us, right? Or is the anti-surgery movement just as judgemental as any other black or white belief system? Does cosmetic surgery ever have a justified place? When are cosmetic surgeries a must? Most people accept if you have cosmetic surgery to fix a Nepalese child's lip that’s ok but if a Western woman wants to enlarge her breasts then that is not acceptable. But if a woman with oversized breasts that are giving her back pain has a reduction that’s ok…so where do we draw the line? I for one have had breast augmentation several years back. Why did I do it? Simply because I had a bad bust and was tired of looking at myself…I did it simply because I could. For myself to make me feel better about my appearance. 15 years on it is still one of the best things I ever did for myself. I also have done botox for years, I freely admit to that. What's important is to know where to draw the line. In my opinion its all about self-esteem. If something bothers you so much it's affecting your thoughts about yourself negatively then why not do something about it if you can improve yourself. Having my surgery made me feel so much more confident and sexy, and they suited my frame better so I am now in more proportion. As a trusted transformational Wellness Expert, I've had people say to me I'm a contradiction in term…I should love myself just the way I am…. BUT I am also an Aesthetician who is also aware of physical appearance and let's face it whether we like it or not, we are judged within 3 seconds of meeting someone. For me, your appearance states…”I respect myself”. Our thoughts play a big role in what energy we give off and our energy attracts the same back to us, so if we are feeling bad about ourselves we attract the same vibration, whereas if we feel good about ourselves we attract better experiences to us….so it is very important to feel good about ourselves from an energy standpoint. Iv done so well in my profession because I practice what I preach. I think what is of paramount importance is that you do it for YOU…not because you think your husband will love you more or you will get that job, or that man you have been chasing will finally notice you…no no-no! One must pursue these things for the absolute right reasons. To make you feel better about you. End of! We live in an age where young is only beautiful and we must all aspire to the anti-ageing phenomenon. But for me what is important is that we age well and keep our health and vitality for life. This is far from aesthetic purposes only. Anti-ageing isn't about just the physical looks and looking good, there are so many other factors that come into play…such as diet, exercise, skincare regimes, state of mind etc. Yes, I do think it's important to be the best you can possibly be and if that means getting a little tweak here and there then I'm all for it! BUT one must recognise where to draw the line, I have seen so many women just looking ridiculous because of overdoing themselves with surgery, too much botox, too much filler (especially in the lips). A balanced mind is a balanced body. Older women who inspire me are Jennifer Lopez, Susan Sarandon, Sofia Loren, Rachel Welsh who in her 70s looks absolutely phenomenal…has she has a facelift yes of course, but was it a good job..absolutely!!! So then the question arises how do we choose our surgeon…I always advise to go for 2-3 consults and go with the one you feel more comfortable with. Also, check his credentials, does he do lots of the procedure you want and does he have before and after pics for you to view. Common sense things really but critical for you getting good end results. We were all young once, and we will all grow old, so isn't it better to grow old gracefully, we are fooling ourselves if we ever think we can look 20 again BUT if we do a bit here and there then surely we can age with grace and look fabulous well into our 60s and 70s. I firmly believe age is but a number and if we truly take care of ourselves from the inside out we can go on living a healthy and active life for all of our life! “Dressing Well is a Good Form of Manners”….Tom Ford. "Do what makes you feel beautiful, feel it then you become it"... Katrina Valente

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