Altearah Bio Colour Products

Altearah Bio Colour Products

Altearah Bio are a range of Organic products in perfume, oil and serums which are related to the 14 colours of the chakra. Each colour works to heal a specific chakra, emotion and physical symptom.

There are 14 perfumes, oils and serums;

Royal Purple - Grounding

Red - Root Chakra - Energy

Orange - Sacral chakra - Creativity

Gold - Inner Wisdom

Yellow- Solar Plexus - Emotions

Green- Let go

Emerald - Masculine Heart Chakra - Power/Breathe

Pink - Feminine Heart Chakra - Love

Turquoise - Tranquility

Blue- Throat Chakra - Communication

Indigo - Third Eye - Clarity

Purple - Crown - Balance

White - Clear Negative Energy

Silver - Detoxification/Regeneration


Facial Products include, Cleanser, Toner, Eye cream, Moisturiser, Royal Purple Serum, Turquoise Serum and SIlver serum.


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