Katrina's Hand Blended Organic Body Scrubs

Katrina's Hand Blended Organic Body Scrubs

All my organic body scrubs can be used on body  as well as on your face. They smooth the skin, rehydrate and soften; but most importantly they help shake the blues! The salt minirals in the scrub, cleanse as well as clear any negative energy that sits in our auric field.  


People who work in the service industry, especially, can apply and use the scrub at least 3 x per week. You will feel the difference instantly: lighter, cleaner, fresher and emotionally balanced. And that's my promise! Client feedback has been reassuring. Also, there is a rose quartz crustal inside each jar to enforce a positive and uplifting vibe - it's the crystal of love.


    Organic, hand blended body scrub created by me, using essential oils, carrier oils, salts, and crystals. 125 gms.