The B & C Miracle Method©© is a holistic therapy working on any core issues, thought forms and blockages of a person; from your point of origin, that is when you were “first created in this Universe”. It clears any negative patterns that may be holding them back in their life. issues that can be healed include: relationship issues, health problems as well as specific body pain areas, money or business issues and any career concerns. Once cleared, you will notice that things begin to fall into place in yoru life as if by magic, as it transforms your present life path!


Other issues that can be cleared with this method, are past lives, parallel lives, including this one. The auric field has eight different energy bodies, three levels of consciousness, and five different mind levels; which this method aims to clear, clear, and clear!


B&C Miracle Method©

  • Session is about 75 minutes. Working with over 40 charts and a pendulum it is purely energetic tapping into the energy field of a person. The Miracle is in what can be shifted in one session.


    Examples of what you can release:

    • Release your subconscious blocks towards wealth, abundance, prosperity, health, happiness, and harmonious relationships.
    • Break your old habits, cravings, addictions, childhood fears, allergies.
    • Release repeat patterns which stop you from having harmonious relationships.
    • Empower yourself by conquering your phobias, agoraphobia/claustrophobia, etc.
    • Clear negative energies from your home and work.


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