You Are Never Too Young (or too mature) To Start caring About Your Skin

May 5, 2013

Katrina Valente is internationally recognised as one of the world’s top beauty and facial consultants is increasingly empowering women by changing their perception of beauty, wellness, and what they can do about anti-aging. According to a leading women’s magazine Katrina Valente is one of the world’s top “facialists”.


Here's my quick guide to facials:


In Your 20's

If you have problem skin, you should get a facial done once every month after you turn 21. If you are blessed with normal skin then the ideal age to begin facials is 25. Again, the frequency should be once a month.

What is important is that you use good quality products not only for the monthly facial but your daily skincare regime as well. It is the only way to delay signs of ageing which begin to crop up after one turns 25. Cleanse twice a day and moisturise and exfoliate your neck and face area every week.


In Your 30's

Apart from quality products Valente also incorporates colour therapy, reflexology and crystal healing into her beauty treatments.

A person’ skin type is likely to change due to ageing so facial treatments, too, should change to match the skin type, she says. According to her, a good facial should include thorough cleansing and exfoliation to rid the skin of dead cells. This will help the skin to glow.


Massaging the skin will also help stimulate blood circulation and oxygen flow in the skin and expel toxins.  Using active ingredients are important as they work on the lower layers where collagen and elastin are formed.


In Your 40's

Having a mid-life crisis? Not on account of an ageing skin. If your skin is severely damaged, opt for anti-ageing treatments like peeling, clinical facials or laser treatment. These treatments are hydrating by nature. Use skincare products with active ingredients.

Products available at skincare clinics are enriched with active ingredients and could be helpful. [Most] commercial products are not customised to suit particular skin types and do not penetrate as deeply as a clinical product would do. So they are less effective, not to forget they are also more expensive.


Most importantly, post facial care is crucial. Consult a skincare therapist for professional advice and invest in a range of products that will be beneficial for your kind of skin on a daily basis.


The skin in its forties needs a cleanser, toner and a moisturiser, a night cream, an eye cream, plus a good serum for anti-ageing and products with more active ingredients in them to turn round the skin quicker than quicker than it can do on its own.


In Your 50's (and over)

Being in your fifties does not mean you have to suffer from crow’s feet or a sallow complexion. You can still look amazing, because there are so many solutions available in the market that will help you look good.

 Regular peeling facials and great active products are a must for this age group.


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