How To Counter the Ageing Process?

May 9, 2016

Anti-Ageing arouses Katrina’s passion as she is sure she knows and can teach others how to combat the results of ageing. “It is of paramount importance to keep ourselves fit and healthy as possible as we age. Ageing is but a state of mind and we do not have to subscribe to the aging process.  Your biological age is merely a number…it does not have to be your destiny…”



The ability to make a person look younger than they are is a much sought after skill in today’s modern world. There is increasing pressure to “take the years off”. There are numerous creams, potions and regimes all promising to turn the clock back. But what really works? Well, I can say that I am living proof that there are regimes that do work. To maintain my credibility, I "walk the walk, and, talk the talk".


I believe I have a solution to the problem of anti-ageing by eating healthful foods, getting plenty of sleep and exercise, using good products on our face and body, having a positive mind-set, all help towards aging gracefully.



Good supplements are another must for people who want to stay in tiptop shape. Even if we eat healthful foods, how fresh are they really?  How long have they been stored? How have they been transported?  How have they been cooked.  From the moment a vegetable or fruit leaves its original source i.e. the earth or tree or bush…It is losing its nutritional value.  So supplements are really needed to keep you full of energy and vitality.



Another procedure that is very close to my heart is detoxing.  First and foremost I must tell you this is not for everyone it is always better to get a doctors approval.  But for me, personally it’s a must to keep my body ticking over nicely.


There are many different ways to detox, from cutting out protein, and/or carbs for a week or going the full hog with just fruit and raw veg for several days or even weeks and into that throw in a couple of colonic irrigation treatments!  Detoxing can also be done with a combination of different supplements especially designed for eliminating from the body.


Our bodies are so over loaded with toxins, preservatives, sugar, alcohol, nigatine we cannot detox on our own we need to give the body a rest once in a while.  After a week detox you feel and LOOK so much more alive, lighter, refreshed and ready to face the world again….AND the bonus of this is…EVERYONE notices!!  Great for your self esteem!


Here is my recommended list of Super Foods.


  • Oats

  • Berries

  • Spirulina

  • Pappaya

  • Active Yogurt

  • Brown rice

  • Salmon


Stay well,


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