4 Skin Care Tips From The Expert

March 31, 2018


What is the best way to get rid of wrinkles?

Hydration is the key! If a skin is properly hydrated there are few wrinkles on the face. Products are also very important. What you do on a daily basis makes a huge difference long term. So, use products you can buy from a professional salon or clinic, and be sure to get a proper analysis from your therapist before purchasing creams.


Serums are also very important in the ageing process to be used under your day and night creams. Ask me about supplements, and healthy diet and anti-aging foods. I can inspire with few choices to support your skin.


What is the best skin care product for me?

The best thing is to ask your therapist's opinion. This is much better than going to a department store as they are mostly interested making a sale, rather than the end result for a client. Here's an interesting fact: anything you can buy over the counter, whether it is La Prairie, Clarins, Clinique, or Estee Lauder; will only have a 2 layer penetration. It’s a government requirement for consumer use. 


So no matter what ingredients it says it has, it will be a low percentage, which will give you a maximum of a week difference and then the skin will plateau. The percentage of active ingredients in a product, is what's important, and is what's going to help regenerate your skin. This, you will only find this in a professional salon or clinic which by the way, are usually less expensive than your department store brands.


How often should I change my products?

You should change your skin care products at least 4 times per year. When you use the same line for a long period of time they stop working for you because the skin gets used to it. When you change your products, the skin has to start working in a slightly different way and starts regenerating.


Remember, it is best to always use the same product line from cleanser to moisturiser etc., whenever you change. I tend to favour natural or organic products; I also make my own blends and heavenly scrubs which will be available on my store soon.


What can I do to stop the aging process?

Ageing isn't about one thing, it’s related to many factors such as diet, lifestyle, exercise, products, vitamin supplements, and detoxing regularly etc. You have to take care of yourself from the inside out. It’s respecting what you were “given” you and nourishing it accordingly. Food plays a major role in the ageing process as does exercise and the products we use on our skin.


If you have further questions, ASK THE EXPERT (an upcoming service check my websites for updates).    





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