Emotional Therapy: B & C Miracle Method

April 16, 2018


Energy is everything, and it is everywhere… We are matter made out of energy. But do we really understand how it affects us on a daily basis? Most of us do not give this question a lot of thought.


We all interact with people on a daily basis, some are on high vibrational level; others are not.  If you are on higher vibrational level than the people around you, you would feel drained, as energy flows from you to them to achieve balance. As this happens, it is said that low energy people “suck your energy” and thus are referred to as Energy Vampires. They are people who will make you feel drained. High vibrational people always make you feel good because they are mostly positive. Always giving off good energy.


B & C Miracle Method is a holistic therapy working on the Core Issues of a person; on their energy body or field, in order to delete any negative patterns that may be holding them back in life. It can clear relationship issues, health problems, money issues and career concerns. In other words, it deals with clearing negative energies that are trapped in your auric field, preventing you from being the best version of you! When these energies are cleared, things in your life just fall into place as if by magic!


It is a breakthrough method and has the highest potential to transform and change your life almost instantaneously. The amazing thing about this therapy is that it requires absolutely no effort from the client. You do not actually have to be present, I can just tap into your energy field say your name and away we go.


All you have to do is give me the issue you want to work on then I get to work using my 40 plus charts and a pendulum which hones in on exactly the areas that need clearing. While you just sit back and relax.


Most clients do feel things shift as I am working on them. Such as feeling more relaxed, like a weight has been lifted, sleepy or emotional. In most cases they feel “definitely better”. It clears blocks from your point of origin: when you were “first created in this Universe”. If needed, it can clear past lives, parallel lives, including this one. The auric field has seven different energy bodies, which this method aims to always clear, clear, and clear!


Everyone needs to clear their energy field on a regular basis. This is definitely a therapy that can help every living being.



Book your session today: for more information, contact Katrina on + 971 (0) 50 565 7679.

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