The Beautiful Island of St. Regis, Maldives.

April 16, 2018


I’m here on the beautiful island of St. Regis, Maldives visiting as a Guest therapist for the next few weeks. How lucky am I?


Having been fortunate enough to have travelled the world visiting all these fantastic high-end destinations, one thing always remains the same: no matter who you are, where you come from, or how wealthy you are; we are all the same.


We have issues just the same as the next person. Actually the more wealth a person has the more problems they seem to have. No one is exempt from problems in their life. Trust me – I’m a therapist!


I have been offering one of my newest therapies called The Miracle Method which works on the subconscious mind, clearing years and lifetimes of blocks from health issues to relationship drama to finances and career blocks.


I can help clear them all. I work with over 40 charts and a pendulum totally tapping into the energetic field of the individual and it is scarily accurate according to my clients. The results have honestly been outstanding and I can do it online also. No need for you to be present as it’s energetic therapy, and “The Universe” knows what it’s doing. 


It is now my number one favourite treatment as I feel I am really helping a person on a core level to change their life in a very positive way. Having been in the Holistic beauty business for over 20 years I feel it is my responsibility to stand up as a Mentor and a teacher now, sharing my years of experience and my vast knowledge about the way us humans operate at a core level.


It is truly satisfying to watch my clients transform even after one single treatment. 


Find out more here.




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