What are holistic therapies?

April 15, 2019


Holistic therapies in my humble opinion are much more multi-dimensional than straight forward therapies these days. Holistic Therapies consider the whole mind body spirit of a person as opposed to a one dimensional approach.


At the age of 28, I took an interest in alternative therapies. It took me on a journey of self discovery and in doing so I was able to help others in their quest for wellness not just physical but more importantly emotional. I am still learning to this day as it is a never ending journey into oneself, like the onion, you peel one layer only to find another and on and on it goes....deeper and deeper into the core of your Soul.


Essential oils

As well as healing you on a deep level they can also be fun, you learn about yourself on a deeper level and understand why you do what you do. After all most of these modalities go back to ancient times of the Mayans, Egyptians and Indian cultures where healing oneself was much more natural and organic. The use of essential oils for instance, are a natural source of healing found in our plants, trees and flowers.


Chakra healing is related to the energy portals running invisibly in the centre of our body front and back but each chakra has an organ, an emotion and a colour related to it. If your chakras are out of alignment rest assured you will be too.


Reflexology is foot massage working over specific points that relate to the different organs in the body it stimulates blood flow and massages out stuck crystals within the energy lines of the body hence bringing the body back into alignment. Its one of the few treatments that can be done on absolutely anyone old, young, sick and disabled. The use of essential oils in the treatment further the healing effects.

Times are changing and main stream medicine, although has its place, is being over taken by the more natural remedies widely available to us today.


Food also plays a major role in our well-being and veganism is taking the world by storm...we no longer need to eat innocent animals to survive a healthy diet. In fact quite the opposite is true, we are much more healthy sticking to a balanced plant based diet of fresh fruits, whole grains and vegetables. This also takes years off our age keeping us slim with less inflammation to contend with. 


If you haven't already tried a holistic treatment I highly recommend having one! I'm sure your eyes will be opened to a whole new world of what can be achieved in even as little as one single treatment! Its helped me so much in my life and I know it can help you too.



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