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As one of the top “facialists” and a recognised expert in the field of beauty & wellness worldwide, I'd like to pass on my extensive knowledge & experience to the “next generation”. I have knowledge that just HAS to be shared: to help therapists treat their clients at a new higher and deeper level of understanding, offering treatments that result in positive long term results. Protocols can be followed; knowledge however, can only be acquired through years of experience, or by learning form a “master”. I regularly receive exceptional reviews from renowned International spas the world over. If you are a clinic or a spa with passionate therapists who seek to improve their therapies, or wish to offer bespoke therapies ensuring client's satisfaction, please contact me.




 Katrina Valente

Expert Trainor: Highest Booking & Customer Satisfaction Levels

Katrina always believed in her products and passed on to her clients her passion for the ranges she worked with. When I was looking for a trainer for my holistic organic product range Altearah Bio I searched out and contracted with Katrina.

I had seen for many years how she had absorbed the science and art of colour therapy and knew that she was passionate about Altearah Bio and was sure she could articulate her knowledge of the brand to her customers. She continues to surprise me every time I am in training with her. She is truly a professional who thrives on evolving every day.

Shahida Siddique- CEO
SpaDunya Club

"Katrina has the reputation of being the best facial & beauty expert in the region and for the many years I have known her as a friend and beauty expert, she continually lives up and exceeds that reputation. Katrina walks the talk and looks the epitome of a healthy, glowing beauty professional inside out! A session with Katrina is so much more …whether you’ve booked a facial, reflexology, colour therapy, crystal healing,  shamanic reiki or coaching you always come away knowing that you have been taken care of by someone who is dedicated to giving you a very beautiful experience."

Carol Talbot, Professional Speaker, NLP Expert, Author & Matrix Training, Dubai

Katrina worked with us at the Sanctuary in the capacity as a visiting practitioner and trainer. Her treatment standards are exceptional and the guest feedback on the treatments she delivered as a practitioner are some of the best we have had. Her customer care skills combined with her results delivering treatments ensured that she was very popular. Katrina is very personable and was an asset to the resort whilst she was with us. Her friendly, warm and easy going personality combined with her high standards and eye for detail ensured she was popular with both our team and our guests. I can thoroughly recommend Katrina

Matt Laird, Manager

Six Senses Destination Spa, Phuket



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